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What's on Your Cart Handle?
"50% of all Shopping carts have E.Coli on them." - MSNBC

"There is more bacteria on a shopping cart handle than a public restroom toilet seat." - FOX 13

"Fecal matter, salmonella, and staph are found on over 44% of all shopping carts." - TODAY SHOW

"The Average Shopping Cart Handle has 1 Million Germs." - TODAY SHOW

​Worried about shopping cart germs? MY CART BUDDY simply slips over any shopping cart handle to protect user’s hands from exposure to E-Coli, salmonella, staff, flu virus, bacteria and fecal matter. 

My Shopping Cart Buddy easily slips over any shopping cart handle.
Protects you and your baby from exposure to germs.

My Shopping Cart Buddy can be washed and reused every single time you go to the grocery store!

Simply wash with soap and water in the sink or washing machine and machine dry. Stop contributing to our landfills by using extra wipes and start contributing to your child’s good health. MY SHOPPING CART BUDDY will provide years of protection for you and your family without the chemicals, cleaners, and fragrances that are in the antiseptic wipes.
Lean On Me! - A comfortable relief to shopping carts
  • Made from soft and comfortable material and durable padding so you can lean on and on.
  • Slips easily and conveniently over any shopping cart handle 
  • Material protects from exposure to germs and bacteria 
  • Reusable, washing machine safe
  • Comes with a carrying case 
MY SHOPPING CART BUDDY material is soft and comfortable not only to push but also to LEAN ON. Do you find yourself with dug-in shopping handle marks on your forearms? Not a pretty sight, and can be very painful.  MY SHOPPING CART BUDDY is the solution to your pain and discomfort while shopping. 

MY SHOPPING CART BUDDY measures approximately 23.5" x 3" and comes with a carrying case with a loop and tail that can also be used to attach keys or children's toys to ensure the MY SHOPPING CART BUDDY isn't forgotten on the way out the door. 
My Shopping Cart Buddy Photos
  1. Customized Carrying Case
    Customized Carrying Case
  2. Hang your Bag and Case
    Hang your Bag and Case
  3. Safe and Sanitary
    Safe and Sanitary
  4. Comfortable to Lean On
    Comfortable to Lean On
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